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dogma new york

I helped my friend Joey set up the e-commerce site for his clothing line Dogma. Everything looks sick. Check it out and buy some stuff.

I suck at web design, but the fun part for me is playing around with different marketing/analytics tools and blowing shit up. There are so many today and the SaaS landscape is so competitive that you can use most of these tools for free.

Dogma is hooked up to:

  • Segment
  • Google BigQuery (sign-up for Google Cloud with this Segment partner credit and you get $500 on top of the $300 Google gives you.)
  • FullStory
  • Amplitude
  • MailChimp

for a grand total of $0 / month.

Shopify costs $30 / month with fees on top, but it’s totally worth it. It integrates with Facebook, Instagram, MailChimp and more, + a free credit card reader. With Shopify, you’re paying for the ecosystem of apps and integrations, not simply the tool.

There’s another conversation to be had about the ethics of tracking and privacy on the web. But I think it’s cool that individuals and small companies can leverage enterprise-grade SaaS tools for virtually nothing and they can start from scratch without the mountain of tech debt big companies have.

Here’s a cute pic of me in Chinatown pretending to play chinese chess for Dogma:

chinese chess